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Gracia Real Restaurant at the Casa de CarmonaGracia Real Restaurant Felipe's Bar at the Casa de CarmonaFelipe’s Bar The Loggia at the Casa de Carmona, SevilleThe Loggia
At the Gracia Real Restaurant we provide an enjoyable dining experience.

Further to the elegance of the architectural space, the antique furniture, fine china, glass, and linen, the enjoyment comes with the food – which at the Casa de Carmona is just simply the knowledgeable selection of the best local produce. We source from local farmers and serve what is of the moment – and we do to it as little as possible.

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The highlight is always the produce – which is no other than respect for the produce – and this respect for the produce is no less than the respect for our clients and for ourselves. In these last 20 years, after having served and learnt from thousands of guests and thousands of catered events, we still get excited when the new crop of tomatoes becomes ripe, when our fishmonger calls to tell us a catch of Corvina has just arrived, or when we make something no more complicated than a fresh potato, melva and tomato salad!. Although we enjoy and work for freshness, taste, beauty and elegance, we harbor no ambitions and absolutely no pretense – food service is a very communal endeavour!


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